29 décembre 2009

Kingdom of qibing is the storm jingrui forces

“ doesn't matter, as long as to be able to defeat the enemy, my personal honors and disgraces, chicken feed. ” myshall did.

Teams of high school marching wow gold pace before noon, they have reached the $ drazan from the ruins of the city. At this point, the Hill, the ruins would seem to have turned into a barracks, together with the careathers led by taegun are stationed here.

Myshall command your own army of in-situ rest while hurry to careathers headquarters, and the old Marshal of Lordaeron.

“ long time no see, together with the careathers of the Marshal. ” myshall respectfully said.

“ Haha, myshall. Green′s, Hello to a Brigadier General. with karise ” laugh, procelain and myshall shook hands.

“ is, Marshal of the execellency. ” stand-correct road.

Young people will be “?, the speed of your promotion quickly, cultture. ” and careathers surprised to say.

After a moment of the opening exchanges between the two sides, and careathers also asked: how many people you bring “. ”

“ 3000-odd qibing. Myshall for ”.

“ only michindo? ” and careathers out displeasure.

“ my command of most of the Kingdom of qibing is the storm jingrui forces, each of us is the Warrior when 10, so you don't have to worry about it. If the war needs, aivan malumfashi taegun than the Marshal's leading members, who come for reinforcement. ” Michel explained.

“ good, to look at the wow po map, listen to my plan. ” and careathers to myshall to the maps before, your own plan. First of all we have to take home the “ silverpine, and then to the headquarters of the, open for an attack on the city of Lordaeron. ”


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